Live in THE LÄND

A man jumps head first into a river. In the background, two women sit on a paddle board.

Be whoever or whatever you like – however you like.

Baden-Württemberg is a land of opportunities. For you, for your family – and for over 11 million other people from 180 different countries.

One federal state, 180 nationalities

For all of them, we are THE LÄND. The place people of more than 180 nationalities call home. And so Baden-Württemberg is far more than just a scenic landscape – it also has a great deal to offer in terms of the people who live here – a wealth of living diversity that you will experience at every turn, whether you’re strolling through Freiburg, hiking in the Swabian Jura, it’s your turn to clean the stairwell in your block of flats, or you’re enjoying a pleasant evening at the opera, or a glass of wine in the traditional seasonal “Besenwirtschaft” winemaker’s tavern just round the corner.

Welcome to THE LÄND.

You’re a newcomer here? Don’t worry – you won’t feel a stranger for long. Because in Baden-Württemberg, it’s not just kind neighbours, fellow students and colleagues who will help you settle in – there are all sorts of language courses, mentors, neighbourhood meeting places, community centres and other amenities to help you find your feet and integrate. So you’ll feel at home in THE LÄND from the very first day.

You’ll also find that the ten Welcome Centers in Baden-Württemberg are a useful contact point, providing all sorts of helpful tips to help you get off to a good start here – from information on anything from entry formalities to job hunting, finding accommodation, and the multitude of language courses on offer.

A privileged life

Discover THE LÄND
Two women sit laughing on a flat roof. They are both holding a drink in their hands. Three other people are sitting in the background.
A man in swimming trunks stands in front of a tent and stretches. In his left hand he holds toilet paper.
Two girls wearing bunny masks are jumping around on a trampoline.

Enjoy life. In THE LÄND.

Because nowhere else on Earth is it easier to do so! And why is that? Because Baden-Württemberg will give your life balance – both professionally and personally. With innovation landscapes, and sights and attractions, high-tech highlights, and downhill runs – not to mention all the other treats and pleasures on offer and beautiful landscapes from north to south and east to west. In other words, the ideal conditions for a real work-life balance.

All roads lead to Rome. But who would want to go there?

After all, in THE LÄND there are some 50 000 km of hiking trails just waiting for you to explore them. Strung together, Baden-Württemberg’s network of outdoor trails would in fact go further than once around the globe. And given the sheer variety of landscapes here, any nature-lover will find his or her paradise on Earth in THE LÄND. Whether you’re in the Swabian Alps, the Black Forest or at Lake Constance – it’s never monotonous. It does of course go without saying that the pleasures of the palate are also well catered for wherever you go. They’re reason enough to go hiking and to stay here forever!

For all those who prefer pedal power.

You’d rather jump on your bike? Baden-Württemberg is also known for its well-developed network of cycle paths, with all sorts of places to stop for a bite to eat or spend the night along the way. Whether you’re looking for exhilarating single tracks and adventure trails, challenging treks in the northern Black Forest or a gentle day trip with the whole family – it’s all possible in THE LÄND.

So what’s our tip for your first tour? Here you are:

Fun and spa activities

So you enjoy relaxing on and in water? Then the LÄND is the perfect place for you. Because as the No. 1 region for spa experiences, THE LÄND offers everything from saltwater baths to flotation therapy and watsu. And in summer? You can of course take a refreshing dip in countless swimming pools and more than 300 bathing lakes here. Boredom? Unheard of in Baden-Württemberg.

Club sport

Where do you most like practising your sport? In a fitness studio? Or out in the fresh air and natural world? At work? It’s all possible in THE LÄND. Whether you are into javelin, fencing, darts or ballet – in Baden Württemberg you’ve got the full range to choose from. Or are you a FÄN of team sports? Then why not join one of our 11 294 sports clubs? Baden-Württemberg also helps top athletes to achieve success, offering three Olympian training centres and a high level of funding for elite sport.

A woman is sitting on a picnic blanket under a tree in nature. She is reading a book and in front of her is an open laptop.
A man in swimming trunks stands on a small hill and shouts into the distance with his arms outstretched.