Vincent Systems x THE LÄND.

Based on an interview with Dr Stefan Schulz, Managing Director of Vincent Systems GmbH.

High-tech with feeling: the prosthetic hands of Vincent Systems.

With more than 33 muscles, the hand is one of the most complex parts of the human body. In our day-to-day lives, we use our hands to perform countless tasks. To improve quality of life after the loss of a hand, the Karlsruhe-based company Vincent Systems develops hand prostheses that set new standards in prosthetics. The company’s prostheses are not only the lightest and most mobile in the world – they are also extremely robust, waterproof, and even have a kind of sense of touch.

That this is a real success story “Made in THE LÄND” is obvious from the global visibility of the Vincent Systems brand.

These artificial, high-tech hands from Germany are considered by both experts and users to be the best hand prostheses in the world. In terms of design, technology and quality, these innovative medical products from Karlsruhe have been setting the benchmark internationally for years. The success story has quite a history. Even before he founded Vincent Systems, company founder Dr Stefan Schulz was developing innovative hand prostheses and robotic hands on the basis of miniaturised pneumatic and hydraulic soft drives. For many years, he headed an interdisciplinary research group working on medical technology and robotics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

He has remained true to his vision from back then to this day, developing artificial hands that come as close to the natural model as technological progress allows, and bringing them to market as prosthetics offering all the practical functionality required for everyday use. In their suitability for everyday use, these prostheses differ from those developed solely for research purposes. A bold idea, in the implementation of which the company focuses on quality, not quantity – but also a successful strategy, and one that has made Vincent Systems a globally recognised brand.

The advancement of the company’s medical development work was made possible in particular by loans from the Sparkasse bank and Baden-Württemberg’s MBG investment company, but also by funding for research projects from the German Federal Ministry of Research and the state of Baden-Württemberg, including support most recently from the “AI innovations, made in BW” programme.

“This is a high-tech location, home to many companies ranging from start-ups to large corporations, as well as the university of applied sciences and the university.”

The young company was able to benefit right from the start from the advantages of THE LÄND as a location, expanding steadily as more and more technology enthusiasts joined the team, generally finding their way to the company via an internship or through a bachelor’s or master’s thesis for the university of applied sciences or university.

“We need top people – self-motivators who want to work on our high-tech products, and who are both inquisitive and determined at the same time. They have to really burn for the subject of prosthetics, because only then will we succeed in always being two steps ahead of the competition.“

It is no coincidence that Vincent Systems is based in the heart of Karlsruhe. The excellent networking opportunities with nearby educational institutions such as the KIT, the University of Applied Sciences and the dual university offer the ideal conditions for attracting motivated, high-potential staff for the company.

“The goal is to let the entire energy of our team flow into the creative process and to create unique, cool products together.”

Despite its global recognition and the use of the latest technology, the company attaches great importance to retaining a start-up spirit – with constant further development, more and more new product ideas, agility, and a familiar working atmosphere with flat hierarchies. All of the meanwhile more than 20 employees can make a contribution to the product, giving it their own personal touch during the development, production and marketing phases.

“What the town has to offer in terms of culture and mobility, combined with the lush natural surroundings in the immediate vicinity – that is true quality of life.”

The company’s choice of location near the town park, Karlsruhe’s “green lung”, provides both excellent connections to the urban infrastructure and great recreational value. Many cycle to work or use the Stadtbahn (tram and train system), and in summer there’s the possibility of cooling your feet in the nearby stream. The team also meets here for shared sports programmes. The region offers excellent starting points for team outings, including activities such as water-skiing or stand-up paddling on the nearby lake.

“The spectrum of opportunities presented by an interesting, creative job and the attractive range of leisure activities on offer here in the region is incredibly broad, and certainly contributes to the success of our company.”

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