Discover THE LÄND

Discover THE LÄND, Ein Mann in Badehose steht auf einem kleinen Hügel und schreit mit gestreckten Armen in die Ferne. Man sieht ihn von weiter weg und hinten

Baden-Württemberg reconciles apparent opposites.

Excellent job prospects and picturesque rural landscapes. Tradition and innovation. Regional, family-run businesses and global market leaders. Cutting edge technology and the peace and quiet of untouched nature. Things that don’t really go together? Oh yes, they do! In THE LÄND.

THE LÄND for everyone.

The whole world is at home here in Baden-Württemberg. No fewer than 180 nationalities. And what unites them? The place they have made their home: THE LÄND. So you’re not among them yet? Well, what are you waiting for?

Our cultural diversity is also reflected in other areas. Such as our seven designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. Ironically, the one that was intended to set limits to our cosmopolitan aspirations is now only to be found underground – the Limes Roman boundary wall. Just shows: even the Roman Empire was no match for our internationality!

180 nationalities. 11 million people.

Live in THE LÄND
Discover THE LÄND, Spaß am Badesee im Sommer
Discover THE LÄND, 2 Frauen sitzen auf einer Couch und küssen sich. Sie halten beide eine Bierflasche in der Hand
Discover The LÄND, Ein älterer Mann und eine ältere Frau sitzen in Sommerkleidung auf Liegestühlen. Der Mann trägt nur eine Badehose und eine Sonnenbrille. Er raucht Zigarre und hält einen Cocktail in der Hand.

Inventing is in our genes

Baden-Württemberg is the land of tinkerers, makers, developers and inventors. Both privately and professionally. Nowhere else is there so much creativity, inventiveness, patenting and implementation in so many different sectors. You’ve got an idea yourself? Then what are you waiting for? Here’s a direct link to the patent registration system. Our success speaks for itself: every year, THE LÄND exports goods worth over 200 billion Euros. And who is behind this success? Numerous large and world-famous companies – and more than 300 “hidden champions”. From producers of fortune cookies in Gondelsheim to specialist manufacturers of computer ventilators in Mulfingen.

We love what we do.

Whether that’s in a family business, with a hidden champion or for a global player. People who work in THE LÄND have fun doing so. And those who do not do so yet, have good prospects. The best possible proof of this is that in German rankings, our unemployment rate is the second lowest in Germany at 3.9% – and even youth unemployment here is second lowest at just 3%. Have we convinced you? Then why not send your application directly to one of the best employers in THE LÄND?

We’re always going to be thirsty for knowledge.

Nowhere else is so much invested in research and development as in Baden-Württemberg – 5.8% of our gross domestic product. That’s not just a huge sum, it’s unique in the world. And the logical consequence is that THE LÄND is a top producer of huge numbers of innovative inventions.

So you have a dream job in mind? No problem.

THE LÄND makes dreams come true. Yours too. And especially when it comes to the profession of your dreams. Because there is hardly an apprenticeship, degree course or job you will not be able to find somewhere in Baden-Württemberg. Where else can you choose between being a Zeppelin pilot, a Porsche works racing driver, a panda-masked rapper or an astronaut? But maybe you have already found your dream job and you just need the right employer? In this case, too, THE LÄND is the right place to be. Here you’ll find a selection of the largest companies.


If there is one thing we are really good at in THE LÄND, it’s that we enjoy. We enjoy the nature around us, we enjoy convivial company, we enjoy delicious wine – we basically savour every moment to the full. And after all, we live surrounded by the perfect conditions to do so.

Discover THE LÄND, Spaß am Badesee im Sommer